Transportation Services


Being a third Party distribution service provider, Vital currently provides Transportation Services on a Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less Than Truck Load (LTL) basis:

3PL Services

Dedicated Bulk Warehousing

Multi Principal Bulk Warehousing

Transhipment Warehousing And Distribution

Vital Fleet owns a fleet in excess of 400 vehicles, which includes:

1.5Tonnes –36/37 Tonnes vehicles (cargo and curtainside)

Lightweight trailers with 36/37 Tonnes actual payload

4Tonne – 12 Tonne fridge/freezer vehicles

Variety make of vehicles not older than 6 years

Includes Eurostar 4 and 5 Engine fuel efficient liners

In addition

to above mentioned Vital is in a position to offer fleet services as well as staffing solutions through its associate companies namely

Vital Fleet (Pty) Ltd

Staffing Logistics (Pty) Ltd

Vital DC and Depot Physical Addresses:

Vital Polokwane

Vital Nelspruit

Vital Gauteng

Vital Kwa-Zulu Natal

Vital Namibia

Vital has embarked on development within the emerging markets and has operations into: Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique.

Operational And Implementation Capability:

Transport Management System:

Vital utilizes several levels of technology within its core business of which are

  • Transolv
  • Assetman
  • Mosaic

Our daily activities:

  • Transport scheduling and routing
  • Real-time tracking of shipment information
  • Event management i.e. alerts for expected events, etc.
  • Interface with suppliers
  • Proof of delivery (POD) and freight claim management
  • Management reporting
In addition to aforementioned Vital Distribution Solutions is in the process of implementing a world class ERP system called IFS. This exercise was embarked upon in 2012 with the KZN rollout early in 2013.

Background on IFS:

The IFS Applications contains several cross-functional tools and components.

These tools include:

  • Business Performance Management,
  • Business Reporting, Document Management, and
  • Business Modeller.

IFS Applications represents a class of enterprise-wide solutions that support day-to-day operations and various internal business processes for many types of manufacturers and other businesses. While IFS is an extremely complex and knowledge-intensive product, it does not complicate its users’ lives to the same degree, thanks to its clearly arranged user interface, comprehensible logic, and familiar web interfaces.

Delivery and Debrief:

Vital manages deliveries on the following basis

  • Manual delivery tracking and status.
  • Full event management capability and prior notification of late delivery
  • Update on any attempted deliveries and a calling card number on the website immediately
  • Manual exception reporting to include:
    • deliveries not made within agreed timeframe
    • refused deliveries
    • number of re-deliveries made
    • orders returned as un-deliverable

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Vital Geographic Footprint

The Company currently manages and operates from several warehouses and depots situated in:

  • South Africa ( various metropolitan sites  at a national level)
  • Namibia (Windhoek)
  • Botswana (Gaborone)

In order to support these operations, Vital also operates many of the related line haul routes.

In addition, Vital is providing secondary distribution and other services into Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and is in the process of establishing its own warehouse facilities in these countries.

Technology – Transport Management System

Vital uses several levels of technology within its core business. These include Transolv, Assetman and Mosaic. These systems are used throughout daily activities including transport scheduling and routing, real-time tracking of shipment information, event management, interfacing with suppliers, proof of delivery, freight claim management and management reporting.

In addition to the above mentioned, Vital has recently implemented a world class ERP system called IFS. IFS applications contain several cross-functional tools and components including business performance management, business reporting, document management and business modelling.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Credentials

Vital is committed to transformation, and to being a truly representative South African company. Vital has currently achieved a B-BBEE rating of level 3, and we are continuously improving this every year.

On an ownership level, Vital has partnered with Zikuliseni Rhafu Development Trust (a broad based community trust) and African Revival, which is led by Dr Zolile Maqetuka making up 25% of the company shareholding.

Vital has developed a pro-active, preferential procurement policy and set procurement guidelines that will contribute towards overall economic growth and transformation of the country, by ensuring the constructive participation by South African black people at all levels of business in the South African economy.

The company is committed to establishing relationships with their suppliers that will contribute to the commercial, strategic and empowerment objectives of both the company and its suppliers.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

In recognizing that the management of the environment is an integral part of its daily operation, Vital has developed an Environmental Policy that will manage its activities that may have an environmental impact. Vital is also committed to actively promoting sustainable environmental development awareness amongst its employees, by means of monthly internal communication where employees are encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

Vital Distribution Solutions recognizes Enterprise Development as an essential element of the transformation process and is committed in the implementation of such initiatives where valuable skills will be transferred to its employees, which will lead to great empowerment.

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