Green Initiatives

Going Green With MAN Trucks:

Emphasis is placed on lowering Carbon emissions within the Transport industry. Vital will be partnering with MAN Trucks in their TGS EfficientLine endeavour.

Vital has embarked upon a Green Initiative campaign in a bid to produce less CO2 emissions. To said end Vital has commissioned several vehicles through MAN trucks. Man Trucks in co junction with Vital will be deploying their latest TGS efficient line truck technology within the immediate future.

In future all new Vital vehicles will be the TGS EfficientLine trucks as provided by MAN.

The aim of the efficiency package as provided by MAN is to reduce the need for power and as result fuel consumption and carbon emissions. MAN propose to reduce fuel consumption by reducing the targets and indicated in table below with the components as listed.

Office and Sundry:

In recognising that the management of the environment is an integral part of its daily operation, Vital has developed an Environmental Policy that will manage its activities that may have an environmental impact, by committing to:

  • Continuously improve in reducing carbon emissions that have an environmental impact
  • Minimize pollution
  • Maximise energy efficiency
  • Carbon footprint trace all activities
  • Optimise and control the use of water
  • Implement environmental purchasing

Vital is committed to actively promote sustainable environmental development awareness amongst its employees, by means of monthly internal communication where employees are encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

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